Monmouth Sevens Wrap-up – Thanks DJ Coil Rugby!

The Monmouth Sevens, Showdown at the Shore Tournament,was held this past Saturday at Thompson Park in Lincroft, New Jersey and is the first tournament of the Northeast Sevens circuit. This was the fourth year for the tournament and is a showcase event for rugby in New Jersey and the Northeast.
In addition to the Northeast Sevens Men’s Qualifier bracket, there were several other brackets for the Empire GU Rugby Summer 7s Series. The brackets are listed below.


Men’s Elite/NRU 7s Qualifier
Women’s Elite/NRU 7s Qualifier
Men’s Open/Empire GU 7s Series
Women’s Open/Empire GU 7s Series
Men’s Social
High School Boys Open/Empire GU 7s Series ­
High School Girls Open/Empire GU 7s Series

Northeast Sevens Men’s Championship Series
The Northeast Sevens Men’s Championship Series will consist of four tournaments. Each team will compete for a chance to represent the Northeast competitive region at the USA Rugby 7’s National Championships. The Overall winner of the series will be determined by the team with the most series points. The Top two teams will represent the Northeast at the USA Rugby 7’s National Championships August 13-14.

The four men’s qualifier tournaments are

  • Monmouth 7s – June 18, Lincroft, NJ
  • Newport 7s – June 25, Newport, RI
  • Hell Gate 7s – July 9, New York, NY
  • Saratoga 7s – July 16, Saratoga Springs, NY

Points will be awarded at each NSCS 7s Series tournament as follows:
Cup Winner (1st place): 22 points
Cup Runner-up (2nd place): 19 points
Plate Winner (3rd place): 17 points
Plate Runner-up (4th place): 15 points
Bowl Winner (5th place): 13 points
Bowl Runner-up (6th place): 12 point
Shield Winner (7th place): 10 points
Shield Runner-up (8th place): 8 point

Additional points will be awarded for attendance:
Additional points will be awarded for attendance. For each tournament, four (4) points will be awarded automatically when a team checks in on-site. Teams that appear at all of the tournaments will receive an additional four (4) points

Teams: CT Bulldogs, Long Island, Mystic River, NYAC, Old Blue A & B, Village Lions and White Plains
In the Monmouth 7s Men’s Qualifier, Old Blue A won the tournament 29-14 over Mystic River. The CT Bulldogs beat NYAC for 3rd. In the Semi-finals Old Blue A won 19-5 over NYAC. In the other semi-final, Mystic River won 31-15 over the CT Bulldogs.

Northeast  Sevens Women’s Rugby
For the second straight year, the top Women’s Clubs from the NERFU Series &  EMPIRE Series tournaments will meet in Saratoga Springs on July 16th for the Northeast Sevens Championships. The top two teams will advance to Nationals on August 13-14.
The NERFU series will be comprised of 3 nominated tournaments with points being awarded for both participation and a Top 4 finish. At the conclusion of the 3rd tournament a NERFU Champion will be crowned, awarded to the team with the highest points earned.
Teams will not be mandated to compete in all 3 tournaments, however, bonus points will be awarded to those teams that do. In addition, each tournament will continue to crown winners as usual, independent of the series.

The three women’s NERFU qualifier tournaments are

  • Worcester 7s – June 18, Worcester, MA
  • Newport 7s – June 25, Newport, RI
  • Springfield 7s – July 9, Springfield, MA